The 3mi technology

Here’s the science

Hair is a complex structure of 97% proteins and 3% water. If the natural moisture level declines below 3%, the hair becomes less flexible and more liable to damage.

Once hair grows out of the scalp, it is no longer part of the living tissue and so cannot repair itself. From here it starts to suffer the wear and tear of everyday living – UV light, aggressive heat styling, poor quality products, seawater, chlorine, hair colourants and other chemical processes – all cause damage to the surface and interior of the hair.

As the molecular bonds start to break down, the structure begins to leach away. The more protein bonds that are lost, the less able the hair is to hold moisture, and the more brittle it becomes. The cuticle lifts away making the hair feel rough, dull and difficult to comb. Hair continues to age rapidly. This accelerates the loss of protein molecules and so the degenerative cycle speeds up.

How hair ages

How hair ages

The hair shaft at the roots is at its fullest and most supple. As hair loses moisture, the internal structure breaks down and the hair shaft shrinks. The surface cuticle lifts making the hair feel rougher and appear dull.

The 3’’’ more inches system

This unique complex of naturally derived cashmere proteins in a blend of select conditioning agents penetrates deep into the hair shaft; repairing broken bonds and helping to protect the hair from further disintegration.

The natural amino acids in the cashmere proteins closely match the molecular structure of human hair so fit better in the gaps and hold longer. The 3’’’ more inches system naturally rebuilds every strand for longer stronger younger looking hair.

Following the 3’’’ more inches system slows down the ageing process so your hair stays healthier and grows longer before it dries out. It will be easier to manage, more vibrant looking and hold its colour for longer, giving you more inches of youthful, silky, supple, sexy, healthy hair.