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3 More Inches

Why most hair treatments don’t work

And why 3’’’ more inches is different...

There are two main reasons why most hair treatments don’t work and why bathroom cabinets all over the world are full of once used jars of treatments!

Because most other hair treatments work only on trying to smooth the surface with heavy molecules that can weigh hair down.

If you have normal or fine hair, you’ll avoid treatments because of this, yet it is your hair that so desperately needs nourishment and protection to slow down the thinning and breaking of the hair shaft.

Because most other hair treatments require the hair to be washed first, as they only really treat the surface of the hair.

This also leaves you to find something to do for the next 20 – 30 minutes before rinsing and conditioning. Not very convenient!

3’’’ more inches is different… and makes all the difference!

3’’’ more inches is a range of protective, restorative and anti-damage products for hair including a Pre-wash Treatment, Shampoo and Conditioner.

It only takes about 60 seconds to apply the 3’’’ more inches Pre-wash Treatment so it can be easily introduced in to your hair care routine whether you wash your hair morning or night.

Pre-wash TreatmentThe 3’’’ more inches Pre-wash Treatment is applied to dry hair. Soak dry hair with product, comb through and leave for at least one hour – it can be left on overnight, whilst you’re at the gym, or even all day on beach holidays (acts as added sun protection too). You can fit the treatment in to your routine.

Most people apply the treatment a couple of hours before bedtime. It dries clean before they go to sleep and next morning they rinse through, shampoo once and condition with 3’’’ more inches as part of their normal routine.

Some people with wavy hair use a small amount or a diluted solution of the treatment as a leave in styling product too.

The 3’’’ More Inches philosophy is dedicated to revolutionising your haircare regime by treating hair to the best ingredients that support your hair’s own natural growth.

The hero products include a nourishing Pre-wash Treatment, cleansing Shampoo and replenishing Conditioner designed to protect and revitalise tired and damaged locks.

They contain no silicones or parabens and used regularly as directed, 3’’’ more inches can dramatically reduce hair shaft thinning, breakage and split ends, giving you up to 25% more natural volume and beautiful, sleek manageable hair.

Get 3’’’ more inches now

18 Dec 2015 | Posted in Haircare | By 3’’’ more inches

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