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3 More Inches

3 Steps to gorgeous hair

The new system for better than ever hair.

3’’’ more inches keeps hair naturally healthier and stronger through its life, enabling it to grow longer and more lustrous.

This range of protective, restorative and anti-damage products contains no silicones or parabens and used regularly can dramatically reduce hair shaft thinning, breakage and split ends, giving you up to 25% more natural volume and beautiful, sleek manageable hair.

Pre-wash Treatment

Step 1 - 3’’’ more inches Pre-wash Treatment

This wonder treatment helps slow the thinning of hair as it ages. Used regularly as directed helps hair grow longer faster by penetrating deep into the hair shaft, repairing broken bonds and helping protect hair from further disintegration. The treatment combats hot styling, sun, sea and the stresses of modern living to leave hair sleek and manageable.

It only takes about 60 seconds to apply the 3’’’ more inches Pre-wash Treatment so it can be easily introduced in to your hair care routine whether you wash your hair morning or night.

The 3’’’ more inches Pre-wash Treatment is applied to dry hair. Soak dry hair with product, comb through and leave for at least one hour – it can be left on overnight, whilst you’re at the gym, or even all day on beach holidays (acts as added sun protection too). You can fit the treatment in to your routine.

Use every other shampoo for best results.



Step 2 - Cleanse with 3’’’ more inches Shampoo

This luxury professional shampoo with naturally derived cashmere proteins and gentle cleansing agents feeds as it cleans to keep you hair supple, shiny and soft.

Rinse well to remove the Pre-wash Treatment, ensuring hair is thoroughly wet through. Spread a teaspoon of 3’’’ more inches shampoo between palms; more for long or thick hair. Apply to hair and scalp and massage for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly and then for 30 seconds more.  Shampoo again only if hair is really dirty – this is rarely needed. Always follow with 3’’’ more inches conditioner.



Step 3 - Condition with 3’’’ more inches Conditioner

Smooths, protects and reconditions hair leaving it feeling its natural best. Shampooing lifts the hair’s surface cuticle, so it’s essential to reseal with conditioner. This luxury professional conditioner gives the vital protective seal to every strand.

After shampooing, squeeze out excess water. Spread a teaspoon of conditioner between palms; more for long or thick hair. Condition your hair not your scalp – apply to hair and work through to the mid-lengths and ends. Comb carefully through the hair. Rinse well.



Developed by Michael Van Clarke at his exclusive London salon, the range has received outstanding feedback from happy customers:

"I’m in my fifties and have been using 3’’’ more inches for over a year now. My hair is in better condition now than it was 15 years ago. It’s a fantastic ‘can’t do without’ product."


"I couldn’t seem to grow my hair past my shoulders; it would just split and break off. Since using 3’’’ more inches for the last 12 months, my hair is longer than it’s ever been, healthier and so easy to manage."


"I’ve used other treatments for dry hair which deal with the dryness but then it doesn’t feel like my hair anymore. 3’’’ more inches treatment makes my hair feel naturally healthy, like it should."


Make all the difference to your hair, try the 3’’’ more inches range today.

18 Dec 2015 | Posted in Haircare | By 3’’’ more inches

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