3''' more inches makes all the difference... the products are an investment in younger looking hair and the feedback from beauty bloggers everywhere is testament to this...

"Overnight success. My favourite of the three products is definitely the pre-wash treatment. It left my hair feeling super soft, manageable and very healthy. It was quite surprising to see how much was absorbed into my hair overnight - despite soaking it in product, I woke up to reasonably dry hair (and a dry pillow!) If you're looking to grow your hair, then this might just be the range for you!"

LondonBeautyQueen - 37.5k follower

"A whole new ball game in beauty. Since I started using it I've noticed a big decrease in the number o hair fall, fewer strands get tangled in my brush and my hair is more manageable, shinier and healthier looking."

Katelyn Said

"Best beauty product on the market. The Pre-wash Treatment is my favourite beauty product by far! It really does work wonders!"

Frock Me I’m Famous

"Any scepticism that I may have had to whether my hair would be in any better condition has gone this week as I have used it three times now and even my hairdresser told me today that my hair feels in great condition! (5/5)"

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"Instant transformation. My hair looks and feels amazing. It really is the best haircare range out there."


"I’ve now been using the 3 More Inches range for 2 months and have achieved a noticeable improvement in the quality and health of my hair. I would highly recommend this range to anyone looking for stronger, healthier hair with the patience and commitment to see gradual results!"


"I've honestly been blown away by the difference it has made to my hair already. Even my friends and family have said my hair has been looking much healthier lately... Honestly, I don't think I've ever found a hair product I would recommend as strongly as this one. Not only will it make your hair look and feel fab, it actually nourishes your hair at the same time, no nasty, drying chemicals here!"

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